Upcoming Features / Wishlist / Known Issues

As of mid March 2017 I reduced my GW2 playtime by a lot, that said I will still be maintaining BGDM, making sure it's compatible with the game's builds and continue hosting the server.

As for new features, while you can't expect speedy development as when I was playing the game I will still release new features when the mood strikes me (such as the recent DPS graphs addition or the Pinpoint Distribution addition) so I might still release your future favorite feature, who knows xD

Known Issues:

  • No known issues ATM, it's stable as a rock.

Short-term feature list (features I am most likely to add in the next releases):

  • DPS Graphs! (added in v2.0.5.5)
  • Prioritize Subgroups/Parties in Buff Uptime panel for WvW
  • Remove the 10 person limit to accommodate for bigger WvW squads
  • Add revive/res time spent to group DPS panel
  • API
  • Add a screenshot hotkey (added in v1.7.3.0)
  • Options panel with dynamic font configuration (added in v2.0.0.0)
  • Tutorial panel (added in v2.0.0.0)
  • Add HPS (healing per sec) to group DPS panel (added in v1.7.1.3)
  • Add a global hide/disable hotkey (added in v1.7.1.3)
  • Add squad subgroup # to buff uptime panel (added in v1.7.2.4)
  • Add the option to change from colored professions to text based professions (i.e. War/Ele/etc) (added in v1.7.2.0)
  • Add column separators to NPC HP values (added in v1.7.2.4)
  • Discord overlay integration (working, talk to me for a pre-release version)
  • Fix the Reshade FPS drop issue  (fixed in v1.7.1.0)
  • Fix loading of GemFX with BGDM (fixed in v1.7.1.0)
  • Target locking (added in v1.6.1.3)
  • Invulnerability phase detection for bosses (added in v1.6.1.3)
  • Add dyes to skin check panel (probably won't happen as per new ANET's new compliance rules gear check is out)
  • Break-bar details display (rather than break bar %) (on hold for the time being)
  • Break-bar damage monitoring (on hold for the time being)

Long-term feature list (features I am still unsure about their implementation time or my will to do so xD):

  • Redesign the F10 logging option - the current F10 logging options is currently more of a "legacy" feature from earlier versions of the mod and is not up to par with with my recent additions. My wish is to redesign the entire logging option to include all the new information I have (damage/healing/bossID/etc) as well as provide different formatting options for the log (continuos logging/encounter summary/etc)
  • Skill CD monitoring / rotation helper - have a panel that would track certain skill CDs in order to help achieve optimal DPS rotation, perhaps even monitor the rotation and display % of time being "on-rotation" and "off-rotation"
  • Server-independent group DPS (i.e. Arcdps) this is by far my #1 user request, there are different reasons why I am not inclined to implement this functionality at the moment, if you want this functionality I suggest you run both Arcdps and BGDM together, that is not to say I will definitely not implement this in the future but at the moment it's not on the short-term list


  1. Is it possible to make a pvp rating check? for stuff like automated tournament pugs?

    1. Probably possible either directly in the client memory or by simulating "add to friend" and finding the rating in the friend leader board.

      That said, I'm not gonna bother doing it though :)

  2. Really looking forward to the WvW-related changes on the to-do list! Awesome tool. Thank you so much for all of the work you have done.