Why I quit GW2

Why I quit GW2

Since I get asked that quite a lot I decided to post my answer in this page for those of you who are interested.

First let me say that I still love this game and I think it's one of the best MMOs out there for many reasons (combat, QOL, alt-friendliness, no gear grind, etc) and if you're a new(-ish) or casual player this game can provide you thousands of hours of entertainment for very little investment, where else can you get 2000+ (probably more but I'm being modest here) for less than $50?

With that out of the way how come I quit the game if it's so good?

So I used to play GW2 rather seriously, I logged into the game every day for 2+ hours at least (some days even more) for roughly 2 years and was heavily invested in 2 end-game modes: raiding and PVP, I raided every single week at reset time, PUG'ed endlessly for fun and practice and mastered every role/profession raids had to offer and mained arguably the hardest role to master, the chrono(-tank), in PVP although I was far from the best I played every season from S1 to S5 and grinded to legendary every season from 1-4, even though PVP had some hard times I still enjoyed it most of the time. Lore, living story and open world PVE never interested me, to WvW I would hop once in a while when I was in the mood for roaming but I could never say I played that mode seriously.

Some would say that by playing that much and exhausting all the game modes that interested me I ''burnt-out" which to some extent is probably true but IMO it plays a lesser part in the real reason I quit playing.

The major reason why I quit playing was frustration with ANet and the way that they are (still) running their ship, I felt the game is going in direction I don't like, actually more like not going in any direction at all.

Take PVP as an example: anyone who played all 5 seasons of PVP probably shares the same feeling, it felt like we were being experimented, every season different matchmaking experiment (until S4 returned with S1 matchmaking SMH), balance changes that make no sense, which require waiting months on end for a fix that most times doesn't even come, it certainly didn't help my favorite profession in PVP was Revenant that got butchered each balance patch until it was really hard to play unless you're a PVP God (newsflash: I'm not) to top it all off ANet has finally managed to kill PVP in S6 after S5 was arguably one of the best/most popular seasons, I still don't know how they masterfully managed to do that but it's pretty much a consensus ranked PVP is now dead, PVP population is at all time low, all the pro players quit the game and ESL was shutdown, RIP GW2 PVP.

And that was just PVP... in PVE I was waiting for legendary armor that still didn't show up 1.5 years past the expansion promise... the WvW overhaul that was abandoned... recycled and butchered festival contents... an ever-declining earning numbers that speak for themselves and little to no communication from ANet about the game's future (besides the mysterious next expansion)... all just added up to a future I didn't feel I wanted to be part of anymore as it was causing me more frustration than fun.

I will say however that IMHO raids are the most fun a game can offer, they are a very well made and polished content and is the main reason I stayed playing so long along with the development of BGDM which was also quite fun.

/end rant

That said, I still love this game and will continue to develop BGDM, make sure it's compatible with each game patch and continue paying for the server hosting, I might even add new features if the mood strikes me but it probably won't be as speedy development as it was when I was playing.

As for coming back to the game, at the moment I don't see it happening but never say never right? xD