ANet TOS stance on 3rd party memory reading DPS meters

A summary of all the information we have so far regarding ANet's stance on 3rd party memory reading DPS meters.

On Feb 8th, 2017 ANet's Chris Cleary responded to a question about memory reading DPS meters:

He was then asked about gear checking functionality, to which he replied:

Why have people using meters so far not been banned?

And my personal conversation with Chris Cleary regarding certain features:

I asked:

To which he replied:


  1. so are we gonna get the dps for the whole party? ty for your work

  2. yes a working dps meter for groups/raids would be amazing like arc but with better coloring that arc lacks.

  3. Quick question; when discussing the WvW / PvP potential of BGDM Chris stated that counting the number of agents is an unfair advantage. Now i'm no programmer so if "agents" here is referring to some form of data rather than players then please correct me but that means you cant count enemy players yes (I find it odd that that is not allowed but regardless)? If that's the case then showing enemy hp pools is allowed? and even if you aren't allowed to read their hp from the client you should be able to calculate it based on their % hp before and after you hit them in tandem with the exact damage numbers that you collect from the client right? That could literally be done with a paper and pencil (albeit much slower) so surely its not against the ToS?