Hi Guys,

I hoped it would never come to this... but ever since BGDM went mega-popular the traffic on my amazon server went through the roof, even on non-peak times we're talking about 10MB/s of traffic both ways (on peak times we're talking 20MB/s and even more), obviously that comes with a cost and amazon isn't very cheap to say the least (you pay for good service).

You can see below the crazy amount of traffic the server has to deal with as well as the amazon billing from last month (Feb 2017) and the forecast for next month (March 2017), with the amount of users growing every day will probably be even more.

So in order to reduce the monthly cost and with a very helpful tip from a user I have moved the server from Amazon to, it was a lot of work as I had to convert my server from Linux to Windows and for now seems to be working really great, the traffic since this post was first made has gone significantly higher (as you can see below, 60MB peaks each day) but the move to NFOServers helped the cost  by more than half which is great.

I never meant to make profit out of BGDM or sell out to ads and similar marketing schemes and never sill, BGDM will always be hassle free, I only do this as a service to the community as a "hobby project", so if you have the means and would like to support BGDM hosting expenses, please donate xD

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