Saturday, February 4, 2017

v1.6.1.3 (2017-02-04 17:00) was released!

  • Feature: Target locking for both single target & group DPS panels (F8 to <lock>/<unlock>, F9 to reset DPS statistics)
  • Feature: Target combat timers now exclude invulnerability phases (i.e. raid bosses split, etc)
  • Change: [PER] column in group DPS panel will display % of target HP (rather than % dmg from the list, cleave still works the same and will display % of dmg out of total users in the list)
  • BugFix: Updated Glyph of Empowerment tracking for the Chinese client (different ID in GW2 China client)
  • Added the option to hide the [TIME] column in group DPS & buff uptime panels
  • NOTE: The invulnerability tracking works differently on Xera as the game technically "despawns" her and respawns a new Xera after the 50% gliding phase causing all DPS numbers to restart (as you're hitting a new target) - I will work on manual override for Xera for next releases that will be able to combine both Xera's as well as stop the timer if you're getting teleported at the 20% & 40% puzzle island phases
  • The above also means that if you locked target on Xera you'll have to unlock or reset (F8/F9) the "old Xera" (pre-50%) and re-lock on the new target

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