Thursday, February 23, 2017


Almost ready for Alpha xD

Obviously the new UI framework is cable of much more than this simplistic UI, but in order to actually start and finish this in reasonable time I decided to first convert the panels "as is" and then slowly redesign each panel to take full advantage of what ImGui is capable of.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

BGDM is moving to ImGui!!!

BGDM is moving to a new UI framework called ImGui, this will enable me to develop UI features much faster and also give the UI a much more professional look while still keeping it's non-intrusive "overlay" quality as well as enhance UI drawing performance (this will get rid of the ReShade perf issues once and for all as well).

Check out this development teaser screenshot, it's gonna be a whole new BGDM...
Someone said DPS Graphs? Soon(tm) xD


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

First ANET Compliant version was released!

Check out v1.7.0.1 under the releases page!

Breaking news from ANet!!! It is now ok(?) to use BGDM?


Note to all existing BGDM users:

The latest version v. doesn't need any updating, the build works as is with the latest game update from Feb 8th, 2017 [build: 72,185]

Note however that if you're chain loading Arcdps with BGDM, make sure you download Arc's latest version, I have received multiple reports from users of Arcdps crashing (not even loading the game sometimes) with any Arc version prior to Feb 8th.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

v1.6.1.3 (2017-02-04 17:00) was released!

  • Feature: Target locking for both single target & group DPS panels (F8 to <lock>/<unlock>, F9 to reset DPS statistics)
  • Feature: Target combat timers now exclude invulnerability phases (i.e. raid bosses split, etc)
  • Change: [PER] column in group DPS panel will display % of target HP (rather than % dmg from the list, cleave still works the same and will display % of dmg out of total users in the list)
  • BugFix: Updated Glyph of Empowerment tracking for the Chinese client (different ID in GW2 China client)
  • Added the option to hide the [TIME] column in group DPS & buff uptime panels
  • NOTE: The invulnerability tracking works differently on Xera as the game technically "despawns" her and respawns a new Xera after the 50% gliding phase causing all DPS numbers to restart (as you're hitting a new target) - I will work on manual override for Xera for next releases that will be able to combine both Xera's as well as stop the timer if you're getting teleported at the 20% & 40% puzzle island phases
  • The above also means that if you locked target on Xera you'll have to unlock or reset (F8/F9) the "old Xera" (pre-50%) and re-lock on the new target

Coming today or tomorrow at the latest with v1.6.1.x!

 -   Target locking & NPC invulnerability detection (single target timer stops on invuln phases so DPS numbers are comparable to golem testing!)

 -  Locked target data stays with you forever (after target dies and even when changing maps) so you can always get that last encounter DPS numbers!