Tuesday, January 31, 2017

v16.0.3 (2017-01-31 12:00) was released!

  • Feature: Group DPS panel can now display either cleave or single target damage for both self and others
  • Feature: Character inspect now has a new fashion tab!!!
  • Feature: Added glyph of empowerment to buff uptime panel
  • Change: Single target DPS combat time will now only start when you first hit the mob (rather than the mob losing health) and will end as soon as the target dies (this is mostly a QOL change in order to get *exactly* the same numbers when testing DPS on the golem)
  • Feature: Using panel bindings will "eat" the input and will no longer send the bind to the game client (i.e. when you press a bind to hide a panel you won't accidentally use a game skill)
  • Panels redesign: panels now have tabs (when applicable) as well as a "close" button
  • Panels can be interacted with either the panel hotkey (no changes) or by ALT+SHIFT+RBUTTON click on the desired button
  • Character Inspect now has an option to use "localized text" i.e. using the client's language (i.e. French/Chinese/etc)
  • NOTE: when using the "localized" version of the character inspect panel there will be no AR calculation, AR calculation still works the same for the non-localized English version of the panel

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